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Universities are looking for ways to replace (or augment) faculty with software, to cut costs. That market is in addition to a predicted market increase in K-12 educational technology from $2.6B in 1993/94 to $4.5B by 1999. [SPA. NYT, 7/29/96, C5. EDUPAGE.]

"Foreign Academics in Japan (FAJ)" features recent trends in employment of foreigners at Japanese universities. . [Matt Stein , net-hap, 7/25/96.]

How to Win Funds and Influence Panels is a UWestern Australia page on grantsmanship. . [Magdalena Mok , educational-research, 7/8/96. net-hap.]

Grant information for education, plus links to other sources: . It's from Arlene Krebs' "The Distance Learning Funding Sourcebook" (3rd ed., Kendall/Hunt Publishing, 800/228-0810). Other sites include the Foundation Center, ; GrantsWeb, ; Grant Writers Assistant, ; the US Department of Education, ; and the American Communications Association's Grants and Fellowship Online Index, . [Anne Ward , ednet, 5/17/96. net-hap.]

Peer and Mentoring Resources: . [Network News, 4/20/96.]

The Financial Aid Information Page, from Mark Kantrowitz, has moved to . (Previous editions were on The new contact address is . [, 7/24/96.]