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Phil Zimmermann, Jonathan Seybold, and Dan Lynch are starting a company (PGP Inc.) to market, support, and further develop Zimmermann's Pretty Good Privacy (PGP) and PGPfone. Dan Lynch is the founder of Cybercash. Zimmermann says there will always be a free version of PGP on the net. [Simson Garfinkel, SJM, 5/4/96, 1D.]

Brandeis professor Martin Cohn has found that text can often be compressed more efficiently by starting with the ends or middles of words. (617) 736-2705. [Sharon Block , Brandeis News Bureau, 5/6/96.]

The CryptoAPI discussion list covers Microsoft Cryptographic API for Win32. Send a "subscribe cryptoapi your-email-address" or "digest cryptoapi your-email-address" message to . See also for developer info. [Microsoft Internet Announcements , NEW-LIST, 4/20/96.]

IBM's AntiVirus system outperforms human experts at detecting new viruses. Suspicious files on subscribers' LANs are transmitted to IBM's research labs for study, or for an "antidote" if one is known. AI systems are being developed to "culture" such files and develop cures. [Steve R. White. Otis Port, BW, 4/8/96, p. 61.]