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Stephen Downes is offering his seminar pages on "How to Create a (Dynamic) Web-Based Course." . [, DEOS-L, 26Feb97. net-hap.]

EdWeb can now be viewed in Meta Content Format (MCF), aka "Hotsauce," a 3D browser format from Apple. MCF looks like a the many layers of a gopher site floating in space, showing concept- and context-based groupings. . The browser plugin can be downloaded from . [Andy Carvin , wwwedu, 07Mar97. net-hap.]

LISTSERV Lite is a free (for non-commercial, nonprofit use) version of the LISTSERV Classic list maintenance software from L-Soft International, Inc. It includes a web archive interface, but is optimized for small discussion lists. . [Dianna Husum , WEBster, 27May97.]

The List Exchange (listex) list is about administration of email discussion lists and their promotion via sponsorships. Send a "subscribe listex" message to . . [Gary K. Foote , NEW-LIST, 09Apr97.]

The Experts Exchange is a newsgroup that rewards and recognizes people who answer questions. Members get a certain number of "points" over time, which may be spent in asking questions. Those who answer get the points. (No conversion to other compensation is yet in place.) . [Chris DiGiano , EdEconomy, 27Jun97. John C. Cherniavsky.] (John suggests also checking out the Educational Object Economy project, at . It has DARPA/NSF TRP support.]