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Page managers are needed for the ISWorld Net project to link IS-related WWW resources in teaching and learning: pedagogy, learning support systems, and curriculum. Visit and . [Simha R. Magal , INFOSYS, 12/12/94. Frank Swift.]

Data Explorer for scientific visualization is being removed from the Higher Education Software Consortium distribution, and will now cost $1,800 per academic license. [Ray Masters ,, 12/13/94.]

DYNACLIPS (for Unix) is a CLIPS-based multiagent tool that uses a blackboard for agent communication, but is not a full blackboard system. Free from Yilmaz Cengeloglu ( or ). More than 1,000 people have asked about it, and there would be interest in DYNACLIPS for other platforms. [, 11/11/94.]

NervousSystem 1.0.gwu is a neuron modeling and simulation environment for the Mac. A free release -- application, source code, and documentation -- is on or the info-mac FTP archive. [Daniel C. McFarlane , 8/5/94, SAIS-L. Roy M. Turner.]

NLM's "Visible Man" encyclopedia of the human body includes 15GB of X-ray, magnetic, and photo images of razor-thin cross sections. [NYT, 11/29/94, A14. EDUPAGE.] (Available on the net; I'm not sure where.)

UPavia (Italy), Medical Informatics Laboratory, has a WWW page for medical informatics and applications of AI. . [Alberto Riva, c.i.announce, 11/29/94. Roy M. Turner.]