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Sen. Hank Brown (R-CO) tried to cap university indirect cost reimbursement at 50%, but his amendment to the Budget Resolution was defeated. The Administration also seems to be backing away from its suggested cap of 44% on total indirect costs and 23% on administrative overhead. [Robert L. Park, WHAT'S NEW, 3/12.]

Clinton has officially changed DARPA to ARPA, dropping "Defense" from "Advanced Research Projects Agency" to signify its dual-use mission. [[email protected], darpa-dist, 3/12. Tim Finin.] (I'm sure their internet host name will also change.)

NSF's Div. of Undergraduate Education has a new description of its programs. Ask [email protected] for NSF 92-135. [CACM, 3/93, p. 12.]

NSF has a new program guideline for Research on Human Language Technology. Ask for NSF 93-19, or FTP nsf9319 from [grants, 3/11.]

The Joint NSF/Private Sector Research Opportunities Initiative Announcement (NSF 92-136) can be FTP'd as nsf92136. [grants, 3/15.]

The joint NSF/NOAA program for research in short, medium, and extended-range numerical weather prediction requires preliminary proposals by 5/15. Atmospheric Sciences, (202) 357-9887, [email protected]. [NSF Bulletin, 4/93.]

NSF/ENG deadline: Small Business Innovation Research (NSF 93-18), 6/14, (202) 653-5202. The first of three National SBIR Conferences will be held 4/27-29 in Minneapolis. More than 100 SBIR and R&D specialists will meet with attendees. Contact Foresight Science and Technology, Inc., (407) 791-0720. [NSF Bulletin, 4/93.]

NSF/SBE deadlines: Japan Postdoctoral Awards for United States Researchers (NSF 90-144), 4/1, (202) 653-5862. Medium and Long-term Visits for Individual United States Researchers in Japan (NSF 90-144), 4/1. Dissertation Enhancement Awards for United States Graduate Student Research in Japan, (NSF 90-144), 4/1. Cooperative Science Programs with Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Mexico, and Venezuela, 5/1, (202) 653-5749. U.S.-France Cooperative Science Program, 5/1, (202) 653-5437. U.S.-Japan Cooperative Research, Including Short-Term Visits (NSF 90-144), 5/15, (202) 653-5862. Cooperative Science Projects with New Zealand and Australia, 5/15, (202) 653-5343. Joint Seminars with Japan, (NSF 90-144), 6/1. [NSF Bulletin, 4/93.]

NASA's Information Systems Research and Technology Program is calling for applied HPC research proposals for analysis of very large, complex data sets from Earth and space science observations. Interests include scientific visualization, data management, distributed applications over scientific wide-area networks, and parallel techniques. Joint proposals are encouraged. This consolidates previous solicitations from several NASA programs, including AISRP. Get Announcement NRA 93-OSSA-09 from Glenn Mucklow ([email protected]), Code SM, Office of Space Science and Applications, NASA Headquarters, Washington, DC 20546; (202) 358-2235, (202) 358-4166 Fax. (You can FTP the NRA from HQ_NRAS/OSSA_09 on, when it's ready.) A letter of intent is required by 4/30; proposals by 6/30. Send a message with subject "Instructions" to [email protected]. [HPCwire, 3/8.]

Information on proposals to NASA can be obtained from Pamela Sue Wellons, NASA, Ames Research Center, MS 269-l/NRA 2-34953 (PSW), Moffett Field, CA 94035-l000; (4l5) 604-3585. NASA supports basic research, software engineering, data management, and aerospace. Other agencies with AI support include the National Library of Medicine and the Air Force. [Kim Tracy ([email protected]), 2/26.]

The Catalog of Federal Domestic Assistance (CFDA) lists all grant programs from NSF and other agencies. It's issued annually by the Office of Management and Budget (OMB). Government Printing Office, (202) 783-3238. [[email protected], grants, 2/10.]

The American Psychological Assn. has a monthly Funding Bulletin covering federal and foundation programs and RFPs. Contact Deborah Segal ([email protected]) for information about the listserv. [Kenneth D. Buelow ([email protected]), grants, 2/26.]

The Foundation Center is a private foundation that provides information to the public about the world's other private foundations. 1001 Connecticut Ave. NW, Washington DC; (202) 331-1400. [Rolf M. Sinclair ([email protected]), grants, 3/2.]

You can also find private foundations by searching Dialog's Foundations Index for keywords in your subject area. [Jean Humphries ([email protected]), grants, 3/5.]