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Award data can be somewhat complex, what with proposals, awards, revisions, supplements, etc. NCURA's 12/92-1/93 newsletter had five pages about software systems for pre- and post-award grants administration. Call (202) 466-3894. [Eleanor Cicinsky ([email protected]), grants, 1/29.] Anita Quinn ([email protected]) is checking out the Research Administration Management System (RAMS). [Ibid.]

A related problem is matching of requests for proposals (RFPs) with faculty interests. Ball State University (Muncie, IN) developed the EUREKA system to exploit monthly grant deadline notices and keywords from the Office of Federal Programs (a division of AASCU). Ask Kristi Koriath ([email protected]), (317) 285-1600. [grants, 2/22.] (Develop this in Prolog for your university and claim it as a success of AI!)

The Office of Sponsored Programs at West Virginia University has used the Rodman thesaurus to link incoming funding-opportunity announcements (from the INFOED SPIN feed) with faculty interests. A SPIRES-based system automatically routes announcements to faculty via email. Contact Elsa Nadler ([email protected]) for info. [grants, 2/18.] INFOED's FACULTY/SPIN match system is in beta test Contact Ed Johnson, (518) 464-0691. [Debbie Brighton ([email protected]), ibid, 3/11.]