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Phil Goetz has been compiling a list of AI tools that might be used by game developers. See , or <.../API/gaibody.html> if your browser can't handle Javascript. Feedback is welcome. [, 08Mar99.]

Should a stuffed Barney toy -- or "personal embodied agent" -- be part of a user-friendly computer interface? Check out for details on reverse- engineering Microsoft ActiMates Barney to announce print jobs or to wave and get your attention when your network goes down. You can even use Barney's sensors, via the Barney Protocol Stack and telnet or a direct connection. They haven't managed to change his vocabulary yet, making it very difficult to report errors or say anything negative. "Super-dee-duper" works fine, though. Talk-With-Me Barbie offers additional possibilities. A paper will be published in CHI'99. [Garry Trudeau. , 23Feb99.]

The Game Programming MegaSite is a treasure chest for game developers. . See also the Game Design FAQ at , about becoming a game designer. [Adam Karrera , Game Developer's Newsletter, 02Feb99.]

The weekly Game Industry News is offering free 4-week trial subscriptions. . Another such source is GameDaily at , from GameWeek magazine. [Game Developer's Newsletter, 02Feb99.]

Raven software is releasing the source code for its Heretic and Hexen games. . [Game Developer's Newsletter, 02Feb99.]

The Serious 3D website offers "nothing but serious tutorials for 3D artists and animators." Learn how to create a walking alien or make photo-realistic glass. . [Game Developer's Newsletter, 02Feb99.]

-- Ken