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NSF has a new program guideline for Partnership in Engineering Research Centers. FTP nsf9577.txt from, or send a "get nsf9577.txt" message to . [grants, 5/2/95.] (If you'd like the NSF phone book and organizational directory, download phnalpha.txt and phnorg.txt. Printed copies are available from , but they quickly go out-of-date. For other online services and documents, send a message to for instructions.)

NIH publishes "Helpful Hints on Preparing a Grant Application to the NIH." Other free materials on grant-writing may also be available. Other good books are "The Grants World -- Inside-out" (or similar title), and -- for industry/private funding -- Dorin Schumacher's "Get Funded!" [Randall Legeai , sci.research, 5/2/95.]

In addition to ARPA's home page, , you can check out the Computing Systems Technology Office and the Technology Reinvestment Project . [Bob Peterson , comp.os.research, 4/30/95.]

Network security research and DoD's new Defensive Information Warfare program are documented on . [WEBster, 5/2/95.]