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One of our Computists checked out Sony's Netyaroze development package for PlayStation, and found the licensing restrictions to be very unfavorable. You pay $750 for the right to use (but not own) their modified [$149] PlayStation and software tools, must give them any source code you develop, and can only distribute your software on their members-only website. They can take everything back if you don't participate actively, and their own commitment to support this product is only through Apr98. [05Aug97.]

3D-Games-L has absorbed the Voodoo3D games/hardware discussion. Send a "subscribe 3dgames-l your name" message to , or see the archives on . [Yusry Harfuddin , NEW-LIST, 22Jul97.]

BLIND-DEV is about developing products for visually impaired computer users. Send a "subscribe blind-dev your name" message to . Archive and software available at or . [Gregory J. Rosmaita , NEW-LIST, 06Jun97.]

The winner of a computer bridge tournament this summer -- at the American Contract Bridge League's Summer Nationals -- was a new version of Bridge Baron from Great Game Products. It defeated four rivals. UMaryland helped develop Bridge Baron's AI planning techniques for declarer play. . [Dana Nau ,, 08Aug97. David Joslin.]

(I've decided to leave NOSPAM gimmicks in email addresses, at least if they're obvious. You can guess the correct address, or get in touch with me for clarification.)

Ever tried to predict Heads/Tails choices? Any series predictor with good performance must rely on some (usually implicitly) assumed prior distribution of the data sequence. If a sequence prediction algorithm does better than random on a particular sequence, there exists another sequence on which it will do worse than random (by the same margin). Also, there is always an algorithm to generate sequences for which the first algorithm is always wrong. For more on anti-predictable sequences, see a new paper by Huaiyu Zhu and Wolfgang Kinzel, at . [, connectionists@, 04Aug97.]

BTW: Brian Murfin reports that the "LavaRand" Lava Lamp random number generator site is . [, 04Aug97.]