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Pam Bytes Free Web Graphics is a good source of buttons, backgrounds, banners, color-coordinated page sets, and links to other resources. . [Pam Gibson , net-hap, 7/31/96.]

Thousands of sites offer buttons, icons, clip art, and other graphics for website creation. The sites below will each send you to hundreds of others: , , , , , , , , K12ADMIN, 7/18/96. net-hap.]

Also consider COREL's products for graphic designers. COREL Gallery! is inexpensive, but the images are of fixed size. COREL 6.0 offers 25K images in the more flexible .CMX format. Web Designer comes with 7,500 "Internet graphics" for $97, and COREL's Office Companion has 15K graphics for $25. [Ibid.]

James D. Murray and William vanRyper's Encyclopedia of Graphics File Formats, 2nd ed., is an integrated book, CD ROM, and WWW product covering over 100 image formats and many related resources. O'Reilly & Associates (Sebastopol, CA), 707/829-0515, 707/829-0104 Fax, . [Sara Winge , net-hap, 5/29/96.]

The Emerge website has a PDF Showcase that features interesting and innovative uses of Adobe Acrobat's portable document format. . [, net-hap, 7/21/96.] (PDF gives better-looking pages than most other technologies, but you have to recompile all of a PDF document if you change any of its pages. HTML is ugly but easier to maintain, and adapts better to small screens or CPU-limited browsers.)

PowerPoint presentations can be displayed on a Web page -- even on slow dial-up lines -- using the PointPlus plug-in. Download (with demos) from . [Network News, 6/29/96.]