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Julie Baxter, [former] first chairwoman of the British branch of Mensa, is starting a new "Atticus" society that will use new IQ tests sensitive to emotional intelligence and "the special qualities of the female intellect." (The name Atticus comes from the lawyer hero of "To Kill a Mockingbird.") Mensa tests involve "puzzles and games," at which men are more likely to excel. (E.g., which of the following words doesn't belong: canopy, stun, defend, stupid, damp. Or, extend the series 1, 10, 3, 9, 5, 8, 7, 7, 9, 6, ...) Psychologist Daniel Goleman defines emotional intelligence as "the capacity for recognizing our own feelings and those of others, for motivating ourselves, and for managing emotions well in ourselves and in our relationships." Qualities such as initiative, trustworthiness, self-confidence, and adaptability may be important for the new society. Mensa (founded 1946) has more than 100K members, including about 40K in the US. Although its top-2% goal or 148 IQ threshold can be debated, the society does help members meet others of similar intellect. See or for more info. [Christian Science Monitor. Bill Park , 30Oct98.]

Digital-Women is for "women with their modems running." The site includes info about entrepreneurship, e-zines, web resources, women's humor, and a free newsletter. . [Rebecca Game , net-hap, 06May98.]

AFRO-BIZ is an unmoderated list for African-American entrepreneurs, business owners, and professionals. Send a "subscribe afro-biz" or "subscribe afro-biz-digest" message to , or visit . [Katim S. Touray or , NEW-LIST, 17Sep98.]

LATINO-BIZ is an unmoderated list for Latino and Latina entrepreneurs, business owners, and professionals. Send a "subscribe latino-biz" or "subscribe latino-biz-dugest" message to , or visit . [Katim S. Touray , NEW-LIST, 17Sep98.]

6> Investment sites: [Jason Westmacott.]

The Netwise Investor is a free source of investment and financial information. . [, net-hap, 20Jan98.]

CyberInvest is an online guide to investment sites. . [16Oct98.]

Investors will find good annotated links and other current investment info at Your Mining Co. Guide to Mutual Funds, . [16Oct98.]

Mutual Fund OneSource Online is the Charles Schwab website about mutual fund investing. . [Oct98.]

Wall Street City offers real-time and delayed quotes on over 70K securities and mutual funds. . [Oct98.]

is a free site with stock and stock index charts, technical indicators, links to breaking news, earnings, company websites, SEC searches, etc. [Oct98.]

StreetEYE is an investment search engine that covers sites from the financial news media, market data providers, brokers, banks, investment managers, etc. . [Oct98.]

StockUp provides free investment data and the StockUp Report newsletter. . [16Oct98.] (Requires registration.)

The Silicon Investor is a resource and discussion list about technology stocks. . [Oct98.]

Hoover's StockScreener provides investment information on US computer companies. Includes a search engine for growth rates, company size, rates of return, etc. . [Network-News, 07Sept97.]

Consumer Price Index inflation factors from 1800 to the present can be found at . [22Oct98.] (Find out what your childhood allowance would be worth in today's dollars!)

-- Ken