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The Int. Association of Calculator Collectors has a quarterly journal, the International Calculator Collector, with articles on history, unique models, sources, and price trends. Free classifieds. $12/year, or $16 outside the US; sample issue $3. Back issues are $2-$3 each. , PO Box 345, Tustin, CA 92681-0345. [comp.sys.handhelds, 7/11/95.]

Old video games are making a comeback. There are three strategies: 1) Rewrite the software for a new platform, as in Microsoft Arcade's Asteroids, Centipede, and Space Invaders. Another example is Leon McNeill's shareware port of Ultima III to the Mac, , licensed from the original author and publisher. This is a lot of work to produce a dated program, but the nostalgia value may be worth it. 2) Write a software emulator that runs the original games (and Easter eggs!) on a new platform, as Digital Eclipse is doing with the Williams arcade classics Defender, Joust, and Robotron. Activision is mining some of the great Atari 2600 games, but the emulator may be a little unstable. If you still have an Apple II and a Mac, you can try Kevin Lund and Jim Nitchals' Stop The Madness emulator at . (Maybe these emulators will be ported to BeBox?) Unfortunately, no Mac-readable Apple II game copies are being issued due to copyright restrictions. Or 3), write an homage to the classic game. This lets you include new features or controllers, modern graphics, CD-quality sound, and maybe 3D, and you don't have to license the original. Three shareware examples are Maelstrom (Asteroids), Apeiron (Centipede), and Glypha (Joust), downloadable from . [Jason Snell , TidBITS, 12/18/95.]

UnGame is a product that deletes 3,100 different games from hard drives and network servers, regardless of file names. DVD Software estimates that 40M US workers spend 30min/week playing games on company time, at a cost of $50B/year. [IBD, 12/4/95, A6. EDUPAGE.] (But are people really more productive if hard-line bosses deny them recreation and shared culture? Is Apple more productive since they took out the ping pong tables?)

Geek fame is when people build websites about you. Doug Adam's Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy has 13 such sites, listed at . [Internet-on-a-Disk, 12/95.]

-- Ken