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A KNOBELN strategy-game tournament will take place via email on 5/8 and 5/16. Contestants must submit C programs that select integer sequences within certain constraints, depending partly on integers chosen by an opposing program. Tournament rules favor cooperation with opponents so that both get high scores. Contact Lutz Prechelt ([email protected]) for the rules. [, 4/5/93.]

Inside Mac Games ([email protected]) is a shareware electronic magazine from Brian Thomas (n8348220 Back issues can be FTP'd from /info-mac/digest on (The files are about 1.5MB each.) IMG's April issues has articles about Reactor, Screaming Metal, Virtual Valerie II, the Journeyman Project, NASCAR Challenge, Pax Imperia, V for Victory, Mission Thunderbolt, and the MacFLY joystick. Also strategy for MMIII and a column on flight simulators. [Bill Park, 4/10/93.] (Hey, games could be a great commercial springboard for AI.)

If Usenet doesn't satisfy your need to communicate, consider packet ham radio. The license doesn't require Morse Code, and the equipment to connect to your computer costs only $400 or so. 1200 bps modems are common, although sharing a frequency with other hams may reduce throughput to 300 bps. (Mbps radios and modems can be used; they just aren't cheap or common.) Multiplayer adventure games might be a good application. You can't use any kind of code or cipher, and you can't use packet radio for commercial purposes. [c[email protected], alt.cyberspace. Bill Park, 4/5/93.]

Andy Hawks and Paul Leonard are soliciting unpaid articles for a new hardcopy zine called PHAGE Magazine. (It was previously proposed as [the] Infinite Edge.) $3.50 per 64-page copy. [email protected] or [email protected], PO Box 10821, Green Bay, WI 54307-0821. [alt.cyberpunk, 4/11/93. Bill Park.]

Amir Bakhtiar has gathered a bibliography on aesthetic AI, including shape grammars, architecture, art (Cohen's Aaron; work by R.A. and J.L. Kirsch), and even bridge design. [[email protected],, 4/8/93.]

Xerox PARC (Palo Alto) has started a PARC Artist In Residence (PAIR) program this year. Rich Gold, computer artist and PARC researcher in the CS lab, is organizing the program, which pairs PARC researchers with artists doing a 1- or 2-month residency at PARC. The artists, chosen by a panel of curators, are expected to use new PARC technologies in their work. Contact [email protected]. [[email protected], 4/7/93.]

Reuter announced on 4/1 that Borland International is reorganizing as the non-profit Church of Objectology. Acolytes of the cloistered order will be allowed to attend conferences, but must make a declaration of faith and denounce any other religious affiliations. "Many of our employees had no life outside of Borland, and we've responded to that," said Doug Cuenin, former HR VP and now Grand Indoctrinator of the Church. "As followers of the Church, our acolytes enjoy tax-free 'aid,' and through their work the code is spread." "Our conversion will result in a price increase, but that money is now a donation and the user will see a savings come next April," said Alan Hendricks, Sacred Keeper of Alms. The Church's products include Sacred C++ and Blessed Pascal with Objects. [Bill Park, 4/9/93.] :-)

-- Ken