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An extensive list of games, contests, quizes, surveys, scavenger hunts, and other happening on the Web can be found at . [WEBster, 8/22/96.]

PC and Mac shareware games are available from . Also discussion groups, live chat, and contests with prizes. [, net-hap, 9/2/96.]

PBeM Server can be used to play games by mail. Send a "help" subject line to . [, BESTWEB, 8/28/96.]

Play4Prizes offers several word games. . [Robin Nobles , BESTWEB, 11/15/96.]

The Bingo Zone gives out a cash prize every thirty minutes. . [Ibid.]

The BrainTainment Center offers tests for IQ, creativity, common sense, and booksmarts, plus a ThinkFast interactive game. . [Ibid.]

BattleTech from Virtual World puts you at the controls of a 30-foot walking tank. . [Web Scout. Donna Wair , gsunet-l, 11/11/96.]

NUKE is a Web-based newsletter for video and computer gaming enthusiasts. The site supports VDOLive streaming video, RealAudio, on-line chats, custom JAVA and ActiveX applets, etc. . [Ibid.]

Connect Four is a 4-in-a-row game against a computer opponent. . [Ibid.]

GameWeb is a search engine for gamers. . [Ibid.]

IS THAT A FACT? is Pathfinder's live online quiz show, with prizes. . [Ibid.] (You have to register and then wait in a chat room before you can compete, unless you play the off-line version. Shockwave required.)

Play Blackjack is a game page (with prizes) at . [Ibid.]

Web-a-Sketch is in the spirit of a Web-based Etch-a-Sketch clone, although you click on line endpoints instead of working X-Y controls. . [Ibid.] (Very slow.)

BMG Classic World is a good place to find classical music. . [Victor Tobias , BESTWEB, 8/20/96.]

Origami is good fun for your kid's Winter Break. Here are some graphics-heavy sites collected by Karen Carroll: Origami Links, ; Doug Philip's Origami Page, ; Origami WWW Pages, ; Origami Resources, ; Joseph Wu's Origami Page, ; Sandra Wambold's Origami Page, ; and Origami USA, . [, BESTWEB, 11/25/96.]

Don's Incredible Maze Server generates a new maze with each visit. Print them out for paper-and-pencil use. . [Robin Nobles , BESTWEB, 11/15/96.]

Handwriting and You is a site about handwriting analysis. . [Ibid.] (Keep an open mind; there are elements of truth to it.)

Other arts, crafts, and hobbies can be found with the search engines at and . [, net-hap, 11/14/96.]

For holiday recipes, try the Yum Yum search engine at . Cinnamon toast, cinnamon French toast, ... [Donna Wair , gsunet-l, 11/13/96. net-hap.]

-- Ken