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One use for the Library of Congress Information System (LOCIS) is to look up addresses in the Congressional Directory. Telnet to ( [Sue Fawcett ([email protected]), PACS-L, 9/9/93.]

Grants under NIST's Advanced Technology Program are announced on TECHSERV. Send a "sub techserv your name" message to mailserv ATP awards can also be FTP'd from the TECHSERV directory on [Michael Baum ([email protected]), CARR-L, 9/23/93.]

The NTIS FedWorld gateway is now available via 16 Internet lines. Telnet to to connect to more than 100 government bulletin boards. (Over 1,300 calls per day are being received.) NTIS ads and products will soon be available. [Robert Bunge ([email protected]), net-hap, 9/15/93.]

The EPA has opened a gopher server (at an implementation cost of less than $1K). WAIS and WWW servers are planned, plus interactive conferences. [Dave Rejeski (rejeski.dave, net-hap, 9/17/93.]

John Doyle has a list of government and military gopher servers. Some of the included labs are at NRL, Brookhaven, LANL, NASA sites, NIH, NLM, NIST, NSF, Oak Ridge, and USGS. Job listings at LANL are on 52262. [doylej, comp.infosystems.gopher, 9/21/93. net-hap.]

Blake Gumprecht has compiled a list of government information sources available on the Internet: AIDS, genetic data, health and mortality, ADA, NII, NSF, NASA, NOAA, UN, NATO, NAFTA, FDA, NTIS, PTO, GAO reports, budget, Congressional and Executive directories, committee assignments, election data, agricultural extension services, economic development, educational resources, fellowships, federal jobs, Federal Register, Navy news, historical documents, Canadian documents, census data, chemical substances, material safety data, earth science data, earthquakes, geographic atlas, weather, cancer, copyright, credit reporting, Freedom of Information Act, public opinion polls, speeches, travel advisories, treaties, Supreme Court decisions, regulations, statistics, standards, ZIP codes, etc. The list will be updated frequently. Contact [email protected], (215) 204-3187. [net-hap, 9/27/93.]

The Catalog of Federal Domestic Assistance lists more than 1,000 government assistance programs from 50 agencies. Search the gopher at for Federal Government Information/Federal Information Resources/Information by Agency/General Information Resources. [Blake Gumprecht ([email protected]), 9/27/93.]

The National Referral Center Master File is a directory of 12K organizations able to answer questions in science and technology: telnet / organizations. [Blake Gumprecht ([email protected]), 9/27/93.]

The Global Change Master Directory (GCMD) contains descriptions of 1800 Earth and space science data holdings available from NASA, NOAA, NCAR, USGS, DOE (CDIAC), EPA, NSF and other US and international agencies, universities, and research centers. You can also LINK to over 70 other systems for data browsing and data ordering. Telnet to (username NSSDC) or contact [email protected]. Access in Europe is via (ESAPID); Japan, (NASDADIR); Canada, (GCNET). Questions may be sent to John Scialdone ([email protected]), (301) 513-1678, (301) 513-1608 Fax. [ci.geo.meteorology, 9/21/93. net-hap.]

"Resources for Economists on the Internet" is a lengthy document from Bill Goffe ([email protected]), archived as econ-resources-faq in news.answers. Resources include Economic Bulletin Board (EBB); EconData; New England Electronic Economic Data Center (NEEEDc); Luxembourg Income Study (LIS); National Archives Center for Electronic Records; Social Security Administration (OSS-IS); NetEc (BibEc & WoPEc); Working Paper Archive (Wash. Univ., St. Louis); Economics Gopher at Sam Houston State University; Computational Economics Gopher; ClioNet (Cliometric Society); National Bureau of Economic Research Gopher; Academe This Week (Chronicle of Higher Education); library catalogs; Netlib; Statlib; Univ. of Illinois at Chicago Statistical Library; Iowa Electronic Markets; and newsgroups and mailing lists. [bg[email protected], sci.econ.research, 9/22/93. net-hap.]