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For information or a demo of Commerce Business Daily (CBD) on the net, contact (800) 998-4515 or Hal P. Kingsley ([email protected]). Service via gopher, WAIS, NNTP, or FTP is $350/year for schools or $700/year commercial. Other services (including CD ROM) are the Federal Register, Code of Federal Regulations, and (soon) state regulations. Counterpoint Publishing. [online, 1/21/94.]

Commerce Business Daily is available free on the CNS gopher, gopher [email protected]. [Klaus Dimmler (klaus, net-hap, 1/30/94.]

The California Legislature has implemented free access to almost all public information about statutes and legislation in process. Send a "connect help quit" message to [email protected], or replace the "help" line with "get README_WELCOME cd pub get README_FIRST". [Jim Warren ([email protected]), 1/22/94. Chris Matheus.] For gopher access, try 70 (The Community/ Guide to Government) or telnet to and log in as infoslug. [Steve Watkins ([email protected]), GO4LIB-L, 1/26/94. net-hap.] Another gopher server is gopher:// /Government/California Legislature, or you can FTP files from Value-added services are being planned. [Ray Kiddy ([email protected]), 1/23/94. Jim Warren, 1/31/94.]

(To join Jim Warren's political-information activists, write to [email protected]. They are now working on campaign financial disclosures and on legislative access in Texas. Warren also writes monthly columns for MicroTimes and for Boardwatch magazine. His 12/93 Boardwatch column was full of good advice, such as finding a senior majority-party Ways and Means or Budget committee member with a staffer who will champion your cause.)