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AFOSR and Rome Laboratory are publishing a revised BAA (96-01-PKPX) for white papers and studies on exploitation of intelligence data. "The intelligence analyst is haunted by the glut of digital information which continues to grow exponentially." Deliverables will include technical reports, and when appropriate, demonstration prototypes including software, software licenses, hardware and documentation. . Dan Ventimiglia, 315-330-3222. [CBD, 08Aug97.]

A previous Rome Laboratory BAA (97-05-PKPX) on Advanced Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance has been extended from 15Aug to 29Aug97. . Richard Simard, 315-330-1798. [CBD, 08Aug97.]

The Naval Surface Warfare Center, Dahlgren Div. (Panama City, FL) solicits proposals for research in mine warfare, amphibious warfare, coastal operations, etc., including computer simulation and modeling. BAA 97-01 will remain open for two years. . [CBD, 12Aug97.]