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Earnings for male computer programmers have risen 12% since 1990, vs. 6% for all male workers. Pay for female programmers is up 21%, vs. 13% for all women. [Commerce Dept. BW 1994 Bonus Issue, p. 22. EDUPAGE.]

Good-looking employees earn about 5% more than others. Homely women earn 5% less than average; homely men 9% less. [Daniel Hamermesh (UTexas) and Jeff Biddle (Michigan State). Entrepreneur, 6/94, p, 16.]

One of the women's studies gophers is gopher:// [gopherjewels, 6/6/94.] (Once you find a relevant gopher, it's easy to chain to others -- not an easy metaphor to visualize.)

GRANITE is a new network for gender research and women's studies. Send a "sub granite your name" message to [email protected]. [A933K%[email protected], NEW-LIST, 6/13/94. CARR-L.]

A soc.feminism annotated bibliography/FAQ may be FTP'd as refs1 to refs3 from news.answers/feminism on (or retrieved by a "send usenet/news.answers/feminism/refs1" command to the mail-server there). Section 1 covers academia and the sciences; Sections 7 and 8 cover studies of gender differences. Section 6 cites adult/modern fairy tales in which the princess rejects the prince. [Cindy Tittle Moore ([email protected]), soc.feminism, 6/7/94.]