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Dana Noonan did a veronica search for the word "neat" and found only 76 gopher entries. "Cool" has 600+ entries, "hot" 700+, and "stuff" 1400+. [[email protected], Network News, 11/24/93. net-hap.]

The Gopher Jewels categorized list of gopher sites is on the USCgopher, port 70, "Other_Gophers_and_Information_Resources/ Gopher_Jewels". You can also FTP the list as gopher-jewels-24oct93.tar.z from pub/gopher on A WWW site will be announced soon. Send a "SUBSCRIBE" message (Subject line blank) to [email protected] for discussions of interesting gopher resources, or a "GET JEWELS-INFO" message for more information. [[email protected], net-hap, 11/10/93.]

Scott Yanoff says that the one Gopher most worth visiting is [Bob Cowles ([email protected]), Chaos Corner, 12/3/93.]

The UMaryland College Park gopher has been upgraded, and now should be accessed as port 2002. (It was [Louis Larry ([email protected]). CARR-L, 11/5/93.] The Federal Register is on this gopher. You can search by federal agency (e.g., to look for NSF grant programs) and can mail results to yourself. Look under "Educational resources/ United States". Sometimes the connection fails, so keep trying. [Steven Roy Daviss ([email protected]), Info-Nets. Ibid.]

MEXnet is Mexico's academic and scientific network. With the passage of NAFTA, more people might want to explore the MEXnet Gopher on port 70. [[email protected], net-hap, 11/22/93.]

NOAA's National Geophysical Data Center now has a Gopher server for its Earth and near-Earth scientific data archives. Try, or write to [email protected]. [Bruce D. Welker ([email protected]), comp.infosystems.gopher, 11/14/93. net-hap.]

BIOLINE PUBLICATIONS is a new gopher service for bioscientists. Abstracts can be browsed for free, but paid registration is required for full journal articles, newsletters, and reports. Gopher to ( Bioline Publications ([email protected]), +44 778 570175 Fax. [, 11/17/93. net-hap.]

If you are into agricultural applications, check out the new Version 2.0 of NOT JUST COWS, Bill Drew's guide to Internet/Bitnet resources in agriculture. Gopher to port 70, "library-docs", for the ASCII file NOT_JUST_COWS.GUIDE. [[email protected], net-hap, 11/4/93.]

TitleBank Internet Catalog is a gopher server for book catalogs. Try or link to, port 70. Queries to [email protected] or Bruce Buckland, (508) 486-8976. [Steve Prowten ([email protected]), comp.infosystems.gopher, 11/11/93. net-hap.]

The Management Archive is a gopher covering management and organizational sciences. Link to port 70. [Jim Goes ([email protected]), net-hap, 11/22/93.]

Kevin's World is a gopher recording anything that Kevin Lowey has found interesting. Kevin modeled it after a town, with Main Street; Wall Street; College Drive; nightclubs, restaurants, and art galleries (on Broadway); civic clubs; hobby clubs; hospitals; mosque and synagogue; and a train station (to link to other gophers). There's even a pay phone for X500 directory assistance. Steven Wright tells jokes at the nightclub; Bikers hang out at the Denizens of Doom Chop Shop. Link to, port 70. [, comp.infosystems.gopher, 11/20/93. net-hap.]

OTIS is an electronic art gallery with hundreds of images and animations. Use binary FTP from /pub/multimedia/pictures/OTIS on, projects/otis on, or /pub/OTIS on Gophers are on sunsite, aql, and (Art/ OTIS). BBS sites carry it in Austin, SF, and Omaha. You can even get files by surface mail, and Fax may be available soon. To keep abreast, subscribe with a message to [email protected]. [Ed Stastny ([email protected]), fj.comp.image, 11/21/93.]

If you don't have access to a gopher server, try sending a "help" message to [email protected] or [email protected] (Japan). [Bob Cowles ([email protected]), Chaos Corner, 12/3/93.]

Gopher-announce is a new mailing list for announcements of new or updated gopher software or services. This is a companion to the gopher-news list, which carries questions, patches, and tech talk. Send a "subscribe" message to gopher-announce- [email protected]. [[email protected], net-hap, 11/17/93.]