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Texas Tech University, CS Dept., has a categorized collection of ASCII "clip art." Also TIFF clip art, graphic images, and sounds. Connect to gopher to port 70 (Art and Images). [Abdul Malik Yoosufani ([email protected]), net-hap, 1/14/94.]

FineArt Forum maintains a directory on online resources for artists and designers. Reed Altemus is the compiler. Gopher to 70 (Online Services), WWW to, or FTP from pub/archives/fineart_online on [Lisa Bush ([email protected]), rec.arts.fine, 1/26/94.]

The Simply TV graphic card from E-Machines lets most Macs drive a color TV for presentations, CD-ROM viewing, and other uses. [St. Petersburg Times, 1/2/94. EDUPAGE.]

Color printers are finally affordable. QMS Inc.'s Color Script Laser 1000 is just $10,000 (street). HP's 1200C Deskjet lists at $1,839, or $2,749 with PostScript. It's slower than a laser printer or BW inkjet, but it does work on most types of office paper. Ink cartridges are in short supply, and cost $29.95 from HP. BW text is also not quite as sharp as it could be. Future versions will analyze page images to optimize different parts. Canon's BJC600 is only $719, and is smart enough to warn you if an ink color won't last through a job. Its quality isn't as high as the 1200C, but is adequate for many home and business uses. [Joshua Mills, NYT. SJM, 1/30/94.] (Other good color printers are also available.)

(For spot color, e.g., on letterheads, HP's DeskWriter 550C is a good buy at under $600. Black ink refills are about $6 per double-capacity cartridge, from MEI/Micro Center, (800) 634-3478. Canon and StyleWriter kits are also available (as are cheap diskettes, laser cartridges, ribbons, paper, etc.). For color refills, try STI at (408) 982-5910, (408) 982-5923 Fax. For quantity use, try Schaeffer's Scrip Jet Black ink for $2 or buy $60 pint bottles of ink from Computer Friends (Portland, OR); (800) 547-3303.)

Phototechnology is the career field that combines computers and photography. For information, Contact the Photo Marketing Association Int., 3000 Picture Place, Jackson, MI 49201; (517) 788-8100. [Carol Kleiman, SJM, 1/23/94.]