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White Pine Reflector for Windows NT and Windows 95 is a server for Enhanced CU-SeeMe group videoconferencing. Users can conduct multiple chat group or audiovisual and shared "white board" discussions via TCP/IP networks. Cybercasts to large audiences are also supported. White Pine Software, Inc. (Nashua, NH), . [WEBster, 5/28/96.] (But can you spin off for lunch with your conference buddies? What about that great hotel food? Without workshop and conference trips, this could be the end of science as we know it. :-)

NCSA has developed a free "Habanero" Web application to support real-time collaborative group activities. [WSJ, 5/30/96, B4. EDUPAGE.]

A recent report forecasts only two years before TCP/IP intranets take over Lotus Notes' groupware market. Notes currently has about 18M users. Lotus is moving to TCP/IP, but competing Internet applications include Radnet's WebShare and Action Technologies' Action Workflow Metro. INPUT (Mountain View) predicts 58M groupware uses by the end of 2000, with Notes accounting for less than half (or about $350M in sales). . [WEBster, 5/28/96.]