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For GA-List, or Genetic Algorithms Digest, send a request to . Now in V9. Back issues are on and in /pub/galist on [GA-List, 7/31/95. Bill Park.]

Nick Turner has a website for artificial life (alife) and genetic programming, including his own Mac applications for "cyberchrome" genetic art and for critters in a virtual world. . [,, 7/3/95. Ken Barker.]

Nagoya University is sponsoring an online workshop on evolutionary computation: theory, applications, alife, machine learning, and computational intelligence. 10/9 - 10/13/95, in English only. Abstracts and ASCII or PostScript texts (or WWW links to your paper) are due 9/30/95, at or . Papers may have been presented elsewhere, if so noted. Participants are to read the abstracts, download papers of interest, and submit questions and comments. The steering committee will collect and edit the questions and post answers from paper authors. Repeat as necessary. For further information, contact Takeshi Furuhashi , +81-52-789-2792, +81-52-789-3166 Fax. [Takanori Shibata , genetic-programming, 9/20/95. Bill Park.]