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If this were a roundtable, we'd start by introducing ourselves. I'll be happy to introduce a few members each week if you will send me single-paragraph blurbs. I'm not going to introduce people without permission, since anyone who is job-hunting might prefer to remain anonymous. (Or might welcome the publicity.) If you do submit material or queries, I am likely to mention your name unless anonymity is requested.

In any case, I would appreciate receiving area-of-expertise or area-of-interest keywords. These will help me route news items to you that might not be relevant to the full membership. (I can also use my database of keywords to find members with needed domain expertise when I'm asked questions by others.) If you prefer not to have your mailbox filled with net clippings, of course, just let me know. I don't want to duplicate discussion lists that you already monitor.

In this issue, I would like to thank Harry Llull, Director of the Centennial Science & Engineering Library at UNew Mexico. He's helping me reach out to the library science/information science community -- an act of faith, given that he's never seen the Communique before today. (Harry is starting his own electronic journal/bboard for scientific and technical librarians, which should be interesting.) If others wish to help with membership, I'll be happy to send a stack of handouts that can be left at conferences. (It's a good way to recruit others with interests and expertise in your own field.) Or give me netnames of people that you'd like me to contact -- I'll mention your name.

I could also use some help in compiling address changes for influential people. If you happen note such an occurrence, please send it in. For example, I was told in November that Michael L. Baird of FMC has moved to Savoir (Hayward, CA) as VP and Director of Engineering and Technology. H. Glenn Haney of Dataquest (San Jose) was named CEO and Technology Division EVP. Guy Kawasaki -- Apple evangelist, ACIUS founder, and author/columnist -- is now with Salient Software. (Salient is developing Touch Base, a free-form contact/address database for personal or business networking.) Sanjay Mittal, who works in electronic document analysis, has moved from Xerox to Metaphor.