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The ARGO autonomous vehicle from UParma's Dipartimento di Ingegneria dell'Informazione will be driving stretches of highway in Italy on 01-06Jun98. You can tune in on a live video stream and other information, at . [Alberto Broggi , Vision-List, 11May98.]

Robotica is one of the Cambridge University Press Journals currently available free, during development of a Cambridge Journals Online service. You can search or browse the full articles, including high-quality illustrations. . [, newjour, 04May98.] (Registration is required.)

EG3 Communications maintains a list of Internet AI resources, including FAQs, papers, link pages, shareware, companies, etc., as part of its Free Electronic Engineers' Toolbox at . See and for the AI links. [Nina Pinto ,, 24Apr98. David Joslin.]

NASA is looking for AI/CS graduate students or recent BS/MS graduates for summer internships or long-term employment at the NASA Ames Research Center in Mountain View, CA. Projects include autonomous planetary rovers, model-based reasoning, and software agents for information management in design/engineering environments. You can contact me for the ad (prior to our next CCJ) or write to . One of the projects on model-based decompositional learning is documented at . [Rich Washington , 19May98.]