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Weekly Web News is a tabloid-style magazine of fictitious news articles submitted by readers. . Or check out RAGE Magazine, "an amalgam of caustic humor, commentary, contests, satire, pop culture, and viewer feedback." . [ and , net-hap, 8/7/95.]

SharewAIR is an interactive moderated forum from The Annals of Improbable Research (AIR). . [Scout Report, 5/5/95.]

The Digitale is a new nonprofit computer game magazine, written by gamers. (Submissions are solicited.) . [Jon Reinberg, newjour, 4/24/95.]

"The funniest site yet" is the public whiteboard on . People leave tips such as "In order to speed up processing of a spreadsheet function, repeatedly hit the return key. Your CPU will sense your urgency, and process your data more quickly." [Glenn Davis , Cool Site of the Day. Dave Winer, DaveNet, 9/3/95.]

-- Ken