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Nominations for the Alan T. Waterman Award to an outstanding young scientist, mathematician, or engineer are due 12/31/95. Contact Susan Fannoney, National Science Board Office, (703) 306-1096. [NSF Bulletin, 9/95.]

Announcements have now been printed for NSF's "Grant Opportunities for Academic Liaison with Industry" (NSF 95-112) and the GOALI "FY 1996 Guidelines for EHR, ENG and GEO" (NSF 95-111). GOALI supports industry-university linkages in high-risk/high-gain research, innovative collaborative educational programs, and direct transfer of new knowledge. PIs must contact program directors before submitting proposals. Several directorates have created "opportunity funds," "matching funds," or special GOALI programs. A list of 120 proposals funded in the past two years is available from coordinator Mike Roco, 703-306-1371. [Maria Zemankova , dbworld, 9/6/95.]

The new NSF Grant Policy Manual is publication NSF 95-26, effective 10/1/95. It incorporates changes since 1988, including the new NSF Investigator Financial Disclosure Policy. This manual documents NSF's award cycle from issuance through administration and close-out. One copy of GPM will be sent to each grantee organization; others can be ordered from the Superintendent of Documents, Government Printing Office, Washington, DC 20402; (202) 512-1800. Or download nsf9526s.txt (a change summary) and then nsf9526.txt from Address questions to ; 703-306-1243. [Jean Feldman, grants, 8/8/95.] (Or ask your program director about policies, but don't take the answers as gospel.)

HTML and possibly Word 6.0 versions of the new NSF manuals are on the NSF home page, under both "Grants and Programs Areas" and "Info and Pubs." [grants, 8/16/95.] (Write to for instructions on retrieving NSF resources. The FTPable Word 6.0 files on have names such as form1030.doc.)

You can also download an updated Grant Proposal Guide (NSF 95-27) and Proposal Forms Kit (NSF 95-28). The PFK is available as nsf9528.txt, or nsf9528.doc formatted in Microsoft Word for Windows 6.0, and can be used for electronic proposal submissions. Printed versions of GPG and PFK are available from the NSF Forms and Publications Unit, 4201 Wilson Boulevard, Room P15, Arlington, VA 22230; (703) 306-1130. [Maria Zemankova , IR-List, 8/21/95.]

(Did I mention that Maria Zemankova returned on 9/1/94 to run NSF's Database and Expert Systems program again, after 14 months at MITRE? Welcome back, Database Mama! She welcomes proposals for next-generation database research.)

Links to funding-information resources can be found on , from the Amherst College Foundation and Corporate Support Office. [Lorrie O'Brien , grants-l, 7/31/95.]

The McDonnell-Pew Program in Cognitive Neuroscience is sponsored by the James S. McDonnell Foundation (St. Louis) and The Pew Charitable Trusts (Philadelphia) to promote the development of cognitive neuroscience and the brain mechanisms of higher-order human psychological functions (e.g., vision, language, planning, and problem-solving). $23M has been awarded since 1990, for interdisciplinary research unlikely to be funded elsewhere. Investigator-initiated grants can be for $35K/year for 3 years, including up to 10% overhead. Preference will be given to interdisciplinary collaborations and training proposals with long-term benefits. There are no US citizenship restrictions, nor must the proposed work be conducted at a US institution, providing the sponsoring organization qualifies as tax-exempt under IRS guidelines. Center grants are not currently offered, nor will this program support dissertation research, workshops, or conferences. Apply by 2/26/96, for awards announced in 6/96. Dr. Susan M. Fitzpatrick , McDonnell-Pew Program in Cognitive Neuroscience, James S. McDonnell Foundation, 1034 South Brentwood Blvd., Suite 1610, St. Louis, MO 63117; 314-721-1532. [Stephen Hanson , connectionists, 8/30/94.] (314-721-7421 Fax, I think. A WWW page will be announced soon.)

Yeah! Hooray for McDonnell-Pew! Funding doesn't have to pass through NSF, NIH, or ARPA. We should have "someone" (TM) out raising funds for private foundations, just as venture capitalists raise funds and skim off a bit for their own support. There should be a meta-level foundation for that purpose. Plenty of successful farmers, actors, business people, etc., want to will their money to good causes -- that's the capital that colleges and universities court for their endowments. We should have other money-raising strategies, besides taxation and distribution by government. Why aren't our professional societies doing this? Any volunteers for entrepreneurial careers in nonprofit foundation management?

Free access to the Securities and Exchange Commission's Edgar database of corporate filings was to have expired 9/30/95, but the SEC intends to keep it open. [IBD, 8/29/95, A9. EDUPAGE.] (Score one for the Internet idealists. They secured grant funding for the free access in the hope that public access to public records would be addictive.)

The Congressional Office of Technology Assessment (OTA) is closing on 10/1/95, which leaves about 35 highly qualified technology and policy analysts looking for work. For their CVs, contact Kirsten Oldenburg , +(1-202) 228-6359, +(1-202) 228-6833 Fax. [Aerospace Daily, 8/28/95. Al Underbrink.]

With no OTA, agencies are free to run their own studies. Your input is solicited on a US Air Force study of future air and space capabilities required to support national and international security by 2025. See for details. Student participation is welcome. <2025%[email protected]>, (334) 953-4962; or , (334) 953-7676), (334) 953-7154 Fax. [Thomas S. Kelso , net-hap, 8/26/95.]

You can download Microsoft's Money personal finance software for free, through 10/31/95, from . Or call 800-508-8458 to get disks and the user manual for just $9.95 shipping. [Atlanta Journal-Constitution, 9/3/95, R2. EDUPAGE.]

The new Microsoft browser for WWW does not implement the Netscape "tables" extension to HTML -- apparently deliberately, in a fight for control over evolving HTML standards. Designers must choose whether to forego this elegant design tool, as tables "look shitty" to Microsoft browser users. Users must choose whether to stick with the Microsoft browser or use it to download the Netscape browser. (Chip Bayers of HotWired reports that AOL's browser has had less than 1.5% market share, vs. 70% for Netscape. Microsoft browser usage reached 1.5% in the first week.) For now, the only winners are the site managers who refused to use Netscape-specific extensions. "As usual, Microsoft's technology is not the best, but as usual it probably won't matter." On the other hand, Netscape is "too small to *not* respond to the needs of the web community." [Dave Winer , DaveNet, 9/3/95.]

With the launch of Windows 95, Apple had the gall to put "C:ONGRTLNS.W95" messages on public buses driving through the main Microsoft campus. "Perhaps the saddest part about this ad is that people _understand_ it." [Geoff Duncan , TidBITS, 8/28/95.]

It's great that Microsoft is selling decent operating systems, and I look forward to increased OS competition and ease of use. As Guy Kawasaki has said, "Windows 95 is a 2x4 across Apple's forehead." Dave Winer reported that, and said "... there's more to who you are than the kind of computer you use. Maybe Windows isn't so great. Maybe you will continue to use your Macintosh. And it's OK. But the truth is that, as of August 24, there are advantages to using both platforms." [, DaveNet, 9/3/95.]

Winer also says that not only is the customer is always right, the customer is also very smart. "She or he was smart enough to buy your product. The market is a minefield of excuses for people *not* to buy your product. The ones that pay money to use your software are the smartest people in the world. They overcame every obstacle, every objection, to discover the greatness of your product." With respect to current events, "When you hog the fast lane with inadequate technology, eventually the competition catches up, and then passes. Apple can block their [independent] developers, but they haven't blocked the competition. ... Windows 95 is a 2x4 across the forehead of Mac users, too." [, DaveNet, 9/1/95.]

Unfortunately, up to 5% of purchasers are having trouble installing Windows 95 because of viruses already on their computers. One common virus is activated by the first installation disk, preventing other disks from functioning. Be sure to set the write-protect tabs before installation. [Houston Chronicle, 8/31/95, C1. EDUPAGE.] Users with a corrupted Disk 2 can get new disks from 800-207-7766. [Atlanta Journal-Constitution, 9/2/95, B1. EDUPAGE.] (This was the most-tested software release in history. I guess beta testers were the very people who knew how to keep their disks free of viruses.)

As if that weren't enough: A new cross-platform virus has popped up, in the form of macros in Microsoft Word 6.0. "Word-Macro-9508" -- also known as "WinWord.Concept," "WW6," "WW6Macro," and the "Prank Macro" -- has been seen mostly on DOS, Windows, and OS/2 computers in North America and Europe. The code is spread by opening an infected Word document and then using Save As. You may see an alert window with the digit "1" in it, or you may notice that files are saved as templates rather than normal documents. (This is the main effect of the virus. Templates are awkward to work with or transfer.) The bogus global macros are named "AAAZA0," "AAAZFS," "Payload," and "FileSaveAs," and are easily removed on Macs. Virex customers can get Version 5.6.1 from . For more info on PCs, see . Microsoft's preliminary fix may be downloaded (using forced binary mode!) from or . Not all antiviral software will be extended to deal with macros. [Gene Spafford. Mark Anbinder , TidBITS, 8/28/95.]

Paul Ducklin suggests that you create a global AutoExec macro that disables other automated macros, including the WinWord.Concept virus. An example would be: Sub MAIN DisableAutoMacros MsgBox "Auto Macros are turned off", "Safety First!", 64 End Sub. You should also be able to prevent AutoOpen macros from loading if you hold down the shift key while opening a document, or if you load WinWord with the command "WINWORD.EXE /mDisableAutoMacros". Setting the "Prompt to save NORMAL.DOT" option in your Tools/Options/Save menu may also rob macro viruses of their cover. [, VIRUS-L, 8/24/95. John P. Mello Jr., freelance.]

JPL's AI Group and Machine Learning Systems Group need BS/MS/PhD programmers and scientists in planning/scheduling, intelligent systems monitoring/diagnosis, machine learning/data mining, and pattern recognition/image understanding for "research leading to unique software applications in spacecraft autonomy, scientific data analysis, and mission operations automation." Unix/C/Lisp. Helpful: statistics, applied mathematics, signal processing, operations research, economics, or image processing. Richard J. Doyle , Technical Section Manager, Information Systems Technology, Jet Propulsion Laboratory, MS 525-3660, California Institute of Technology, Pasadena, CA 91109-8099. [Steve Chien , ai-jobs, 9/5/95.] (Also BA/MA, of course, with degrees related to CS or EE.)

Columbia University needs a postdoc in NLP, statistical analysis, and language generation to build a system for text representation and summarization. Kathleen McKeown and Judith Klavans . [ai-jobs, 8/30/95.]

MCC needs a PhD Sr. MTS (or MS MTS) for its InfoSleuth project for semantic agents on WWW and corporate networks. Lisp/Prolog/C++; AI, intelligent agents, knowledge representation, technical marketing. . , MCC, ATTN: Human Resources Dept., P.O. Box 200195, Austin, TX 78720 [OCC, m.j.o, 8/30/95. Ken Barker.]

MITRE (Eatontown, NJ) is still looking for BS AI personnel in user interfaces, constraint management, planning, and expert systems. Also programmers for combat/communications modeling and simulation, etc. , The MITRE Corporation, Corporate Recruitment, Dept. MZ/NJOCC, 7525 Colshire Drive, McLean, VA 22102-3481. . [m.j.o, 8/28/95.]

Entropic Research Laboratory (DC and Menlo Park) needs experienced real-time programmers with theoretical background in Unix/C speech coding, vector quantization, speaker/channel normalization, hybrid speech synthesis, LPC analysis/synthesis, and HMM-based speech recognition. GUI programmers are also needed. Personnel Department , Entropic Research Laboratory, Suite 202, 600 Pennsylvania Ave. SE, Washington, DC 20003; (202) 546-6648 Fax. [David Talkin , comp.speech, 8/28/95.]

Southwestern Bell Technology Resources still needs an experienced MS MTS system engineer in real-time speech and language technology, automated speech recognition (ASR), text to speech (TTS), speaker identity verification (SIV), speech coding, speech database development, etc. S. Johnson , Human Resources Department, SBTR, 9505 Arboretum Boulevard, Austin, TX 78759; (512) 372-5591 Fax. [m.j.o, 8/28/95.]

A Boston-area company needs an MS/PhD software R&D engineer to develop decision support tools for telecommunications network management. AI/expert systems/knowledge engineering experience required (esp. ART/IM and CLIPS); publications helpful. Relocation paid. Neel Sen Gupta, Minuteman Technical Service, Inc., PO Box 193, Lexington, MA 02173; 617-861-7493; 617-863-8810 Fax. [, m.j.o, 9/1/95.]

Lockheed Martin Research Labs, AI Center (Palo Alto), Data Mining Group, needs programmers, researchers, and data analysts at all levels, for contract research and the Recon Data Mining System. (Recon combines deductive database technologies, symbolic induction, and data visualization. See Simoudis, Livezey, and Kerber in Proc. of Knowledge Discovery in Databases '94, or the chapter in Goonatilake & Kebal's Intelligent Hybrid Systems.) Machine learning, applied statistics, SAS programming, deductive databases, data visualization, Prolog, RDBMS, or GUI development (in Tcl/Tk). Attn: Susan R. Troccolo or , DANTE Associates; (415) 326-5969 or (408) 742-6194 high-res Fax. [ai-jobs, 8/27/95.]

Quadrillion Corp. needs an MS machine-learning specialist for its Q-YIELD quality-control analysis package. Must know C++ and decision trees, neural nets, or genetic algorithms. Preference to Canadian citizens. Competitive salary and an equity stake. Michael Weider , Quadrillion Corp., 302 Legget Drive, Suite 200, Kanata, Ontario, Canada K2K 1Y5; (613) 832-0547 Fax. [ai-jobs, 8/31/95.]

Methods and tools for the automatic construction of hypermedia; Information Processing and Management. 1/15/96 notification, 2/5/96 submission; Maristella Agosti and James Allan . [IRList Digest, 8/7/95.]

AI tools for decision support systems; European J. of Operational Research. 10/2/95; Pascale Zarate , 33 1 44 70 02, 33 1 44 27 70 00 Fax. [INFOSYS, 7/28/95. Frank Swift.]

Context in natural language processing; Computational Intelligence, 1997. 10/15/95; Lucja Iwanska , (313) 577-1667 or -2478, (313) 577-6868 Fax. [, 7/26/95. Ken Barker.]

Electronic commerce; The Information Society. 1/15/96; Rolf T. Wigand , +315-443-5608, +315-443-5806 Fax. [Rob Kling , comp.infosystems, 7/30/95.]

Robotics in computer science/computer engineering education; Computer Science Education, 1996. Abstracts due 9/1/95. 11/3/95; Robert McCartney . . [comp.robotics, 8/1/95. Ken Barker.]

Augmented reality; Presence: Teleoperators and Virtual Environments, 1996. 10/15/95; Woodrow Barfield , 206-543-3350, 206-685-3072 Fax. [, 8/5/95.]

Computational and artificial intelligence in high-speed networks; IEEE J. on Selected Areas in Communications, 1Q 1997. 1/15/95; Ibrahim Habib or Robert Morris . [Jianchang Mao , connectionists, 8/10/95.]

Intelligent engineering design; Engineering Design and Automation Journal, 9/96. Use of intelligent heuristics, neural networks, fuzzy sets, genetic algorithms, and simulated annealing to solve engineering design problems. 2/1/95; Prof. Mitsuo Gen or Alice E. Smith . [Neuron Digest, 8/30/95.]

Formal methods in cooperative information systems; Int. J. of Cooperative Information Systems. 9/30/95; Michael N. Huhns and Munindar Singh . [dbworld, 9/1/95.]

Real-time motion analysis; J. of Real Time Imaging, mid-1996. Referees are also needed. 10/1/95; Paolo Nesi , +39-55-4796523, +39-55-4796363 Fax. [Vision-List, 9/1/95.]

Inductive logic programming; Machine Learning Journal. The special issue will also be published as a book. 10/15/95 (extended deadline); David Page , +44-865-283-520, +44-865-273-839 Fax. See Kluwer/styles/journals on for electronic submission guidelines. [, 9/2/95.]

Machine Learning in Information Access, AAAI Spring Symposium, Stanford, March 25-27, 1996. Examples are inductive learning, genetic algorithms, or neural networks to improve topic identification, netnews filtering rules, or relevance feedback weighting. Because there are so many words in a typical text collection, ML problems in IA often involve 10^5 to 10^6 features. Submit papers by 10/31/95 to or Marti Hearst , Xerox PARC, 3333 Coyote Hill Road, Palo Alto, CA 94304; (415) 812-4742, (415) 812-4374 Fax. . [empiricists, 8/31/95. Joe Raben.]

The J. of Women and Minorities in Science and Engineering is soliciting papers for its 2nd year of publication. Kathy Wager , 540-231-6296, 540-231-7669 Fax. [9/1/95.]

IEEE Potentials Magazine is soliciting articles for students. George W. Zobrist , 314-341-4492, 314-341-4501 Fax. [FASE, 8/31/95.]

An article in the WSJ has triggered concern over voice strain or "vocal RSI" when using speech interfaces to computers. Long periods of talking softly or in a low vocal range are said to cause strain. It's best to talk in a normal voice. See Pascarelli and Quilter's "Repetitive Strain Injury: A Computer User's Guide" (Wiley, 1994). [Brad Hurley , comp.speech, 8/28/95.] Ron W. Channell of Brigham Young's speech pathology department sees no cause for concern. Speaking, singing, or yelling at an extremely high or low pitch or increased loudness can lead to vocal fatigue, protective/scar tissue growths (nodules), tearing, or bleeding. A soft voice does not require increased tension and is an effective vocal rehabilitation therapy. Don't whisper; just talk as though you don't want to be overheard. An intentional increase in breathiness will also reduce vocal tension. [, 8/30.]

The Linguistic Data Consortium (LDC) and NIST have released a new Air Travel Information System dataset, ATIS3 TEST DATA, under the ARPA Spoken Language Systems (ARPA-SLS) technology development program. or FTP info from pub/ldc on [LDC Office , NL-KR, 8/16/95.] (See our RSW digest last week for the full announcement.)

The UWales Speech and Image Processing Research Group is about to collect an audio-visual database of talking subjects, for research in automatic lip-reading, multimodal speech or person recognition, multimodal data compression, and facial motion analysis. They would like to hear about researchers' needs, and about any existing archives. Contact Claude C. Chibelushi , +44 (0)1792 205678 x4698, +44 (0)1792 295686 Fax. [comp.multimedia, 8/28/95.]

D-Lib Magazine covers digital library research projects, progress, and debates. . D-Lib Forum is sponsored by the Information Infrastructure Technology and Applications (IITA) task group of the High Performance Computing and Communications (HPCC). William Y. Arms . [Amy Friedlander , newjour, 7/19/95.]

DIGLIB is a moderated digital-libraries list for librarians, information scientists, and other information professionals. Send a "subscribe diglib your name" message to . . [Zimanyi Magdolna , NEW-LIST, 8/25/95.]

ETEXTCTR Review offers abstracts of current journal articles for researchers and librarians building electronic text centers. Mary Mallery . [newjour, 5/23/95.]

The NewNIR-L list for library/network information retrieval has closed, due to the moderator's time constraints. [Fabio Metitieri , NEW-LIST, 8/24/95. net-hap.]

Remember the phenakistoscope, teleharmonium, Telefon Hirmondo, stereopticon, or Morton Heilig's early virtual reality? How about Edison wax cylinders, pneumatic transfer tubes, magic lanterns, or the Big Character Poster Democracy Wall in Peking? Authors Bruce Sterling and Richard Kadrey are proposing that someone write a scholarly book about such dead media. "We need a book about the failures of media, the collapses of media, the supercessions of media, the strangulations of media, a book detailing all the freakish and hideous media mistakes that we should know enough now not to repeat, a book about media that have died on the barbed wire of technological advance, media that didn't make it, martyred media, dead media. THE HANDBOOK OF DEAD MEDIA. A field guide for the communications paleontologist." Sterling and Kadrey are hoping to start a newsgroup and WWW-accessible FAQ, to help anyone who wants to write such a book. [ and . Bill Park, 8/25/95.]

Vice President of Content is a new US job title, responsible for acquiring or creating Internet products and services -- including basic offerings, joint ventures, strategic alliances. [Carol Kleiman, SJM, 8/13/95, 1PC.]

CDR-L is an unmoderated discussion of CD ROM mastering. Send a "sub cdr-l your name" message to . [Robert Moss , NEW-LIST, 8/29/95.]

AMKDEV is a mailing list about the Apple Media Kit and related multimedia development tools, utilities, and authoring issues. Send a "subscribe AMKDEV your name" message to . [Gess Shankar , NEW-LIST, 8/18/95.]

SGML Newswire forwards news items and resource leads for the SGML document description language. Send a "SUBSCRIBE your name" message to . . [Terry Brien , comp.text.sgml, 8/28/95.]

ACROBAT is a new list for [unofficial] discussion of Adobe's Acrobat program for displaying page images. Send a "subscribe" or "subscribe digest" message to . [Todd Howard , NEW-LIST, 8/3/95.]

PDF-L is another list about Adobe Acrobat and its portable document format (PDF). Send a "subscribe pdf-l your name " message to . [Kurt Foss , NEW-LIST, 8/3/95.]

(A problem with Acrobat, which Adobe says it will address, is that blind readers cannot extract text from formatted page images. Even two-column text is too difficult for most automated reading software. WWW authors should caption their images, or provide other self-sufficient text.)

MIT Press has released the first two articles of its peer-reviewed Chicago Journal of Theoretical Computer Science (CJTCS), developed with a $150K grant from the Andrew W. Mellon Foundation. Over 300 libraries are subscribed, at $125 ($30 individual) plus 7% GST in Canada. Coverage includes computational complexity theory, distributed computing, logic in computer science, database theory, logics of programming, computational geometry, algorithms, and combinatorics. Readers can control the format of displayed LaTeX/Postscript articles, and are free to use the articles in all but competing commercial projects. See for further details, and for a standardized version of LaTeX. MIT Press Journals , 617-253-2889, 617-258-6779 Fax. [Joan K. Lippincott , IR-List, 8/21/95.]

The VLDB Journal for very-large-database research will be taken over by Springer-Verlag starting 1/1/96. Electronic distribution is planned, with archival hardcopy to follow. , +49-30-82070, +49-30-8207448 Fax. [Arie Shoshani , dbworld, 9/1/95.]

Can't find time to read Scientific American? See for a table of contents with short paragraphs summarizing the articles. [Bill Park , 8/21/95.] (Will this sell subscriptions and news stand copies, or will it satisfy the need for personal "alerting" with no subscription revenue to the publisher? Interesting question. When in doubt, it's best to let information flow freely.)

If you get digests on America Online -- as 20 of our TCC readers do -- you've noticed that AOL is now putting the first 25KB into an email 'preview" and then offering the entire message as a downloadable MIME-encoded file attachment, formatted with MS-DOS CRLFs. (Use DOSWasher, NetStripper, Add/Strip, or word processor commands to take out the linefeeds.) Or sometimes AOL has delivered Unix-style text files, which are unreadable on most word processors. Programmer's editors such as BBEdit Lite and Alpha may then be the best choice; try downloading or <.../alpha-60.hqx>. This was all intended to be an improvement over splitting the text into multiple email messages. [Geoff Duncan , TidBITS, 8/28/95.]

To read a digest without downloading the first 25KB, choose "read message" and immediately stop the display (via keystrokes, such as command-period on the Mac). Then choose "download file" and use a MIME reader or a file translator such as info-mac/text/net-stripper-11.hqx. [Carolyn M. Barry , Mac*Chat, 1/9/95.]

If you're ready for BBEdit from BareBones Software, you'll find a sophisticated programmer's word processor that you can live in. The commercial version is well-integrated with ToolServer, MetroWerks, and Symantec development environments and supports Claris XTND for importing/exporting files, drag and drop of blocks of text and files, and PowerTalk Mail. HTML code writing is also supported. Download bbedit-lite-30.hqx or bbedit-35-demo.hqx from info-mac/text/bbe on any of the info-mac mirrors. [Geoffrey Clements , Mac*Chat, 1/9/95.]

Weekly Web News is a tabloid-style magazine of fictitious news articles submitted by readers. . Or check out RAGE Magazine, "an amalgam of caustic humor, commentary, contests, satire, pop culture, and viewer feedback." . [ and , net-hap, 8/7/95.]

SharewAIR is an interactive moderated forum from The Annals of Improbable Research (AIR). . [Scout Report, 5/5/95.]

The Digitale is a new nonprofit computer game magazine, written by gamers. (Submissions are solicited.) . [Jon Reinberg, newjour, 4/24/95.]

"The funniest site yet" is the public whiteboard on . People leave tips such as "In order to speed up processing of a spreadsheet function, repeatedly hit the return key. Your CPU will sense your urgency, and process your data more quickly." [Glenn Davis , Cool Site of the Day. Dave Winer, DaveNet, 9/3/95.]

-- Ken