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FlexiTrace Details

FlexiTrace v1.01
Tree Star, Inc.
116 Memory Lane
Campbell, CA 95008


8 Penguins out of a possible 10

Summary: -- FlexiTrace does one thing quite well, it converts existing graphs and plots into digital data, i.e. it can turn an x-y plot of temperature vs. time into pairs of temperature-time values. Before FlexiTrace can perform its magic, you need to bring an image of the graph or plot into your Mac. This requires that your Mac have access to either a scanner or fax software.

User Evaluation: (on a scale of 0 to 10)

Number of responses: 1 (it's a new program)
Ease of installation: 10
Ease of learning: 7
Ease of use: 8
Power & usefulness: 10
Documentation: 9
Technical support: 8
Overall evaluation: 8

Price and Availability: -- The list price for FlexiTrace is $249. The product is available through MacZone and as a special order item from ComputerWare and EggHead Software. Since FlexiTrace is new, retailers will not be significantly discounting the list price.


Len Schwer
Staff Scientist
Internet: [email protected]