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FlexiTrace Cons

The $249 list price is a bit high. I paid (me, not my company) $149 for FlexiGraphs and did not blink an eye because FlexiGraphs did what I needed to have done, and there was no more cost-effective solution. The same cost-effectiveness is true of FlexiTrace, but I think TreeStar would sell more copies at a lower price; then again, I am an engineer and not an MBA.

Needs a zoom capability. Every time I use FlexiTrace I want to zoom in on a section or expand the view to see more detail.

As mentioned above, the dimensioning tool icon is not intuitive to me, though this may be due to its small size in the tool menu.

Cannot automatically handle multiple lines on one plot. You can use the eraser tool to eliminate all but one line and progress through multiple lines. This seems like a tough problem to solve without a lot of 'smarts' in the software.