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Suggested Improvements

I would like to be able to edit the digitized data, i.e. delete, add, or modify points and see where the modified data appears relative to the scanned image. Currently, the user can edit the digitized data in FlexiTrace's Measurement Window, but data edits are not reflected in the in the on-screen representation of the digitized data.

Output of the data in a format other than floating point tab-delimited (a dead give away to the 'business' roots of this product) is desirable. Scientists and engineers usually need data in scientific notation, e.g. 1.00E+03. Something like FORTRAN output formatting would be much appreciated, since the point of digitizing the data is to use it in some other application which quite possibly will not be on the Mac.

Expand the logarithm plotting capability to include natural logarithms. Currently, the user may select a base ten logarithmic scale for the ordinate and/or abscissa. In most scientific and engineering work, natural logarithms, i.e. base e, are typically used rather than base ten logarithms.