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Lesson 9. Our House

1. Discuss:

Why should we have houses?
Do all people have houses?
What happens to those without houses?
What do we use to build houses?

2. Look at the pictures of houses:

1. Round house

2. Well-thatched house

3. A small house

4. A manyatta

5. Storey house

3. Let us talk about the houses in the picture.

A. Which house in the picture is it?

The house is small.
The house is round.
It has a one door and on window.
The roof is thatched.
It has a spike on the roof.

4. Look at the pictures again. Read and answer the questions.

The house is big.
It has one door and one window.
The roof is thatched.
There are no holes in the roof.
What do you think of this house?

5. Talk about houses 4 and 5.

6. Read aloud.

Houses are good shelter.
We must keep our houses clean.
Our houses must be dry.
Our children need shelter.
We must build strong houses.

7. Discuss as a group

1. Who builds houses in your village _ _ _ men or women?
2. What materials do they use?

8. Think of problems houses have in your village.

Discuss these problems. How can they be solved?

9. In the house

This is Mutiso’s sitting room.

There is one table and four chairs.
There is one brown stool.
The stool is under the table.
There is one cup on the table.
There is a picture on the wall.
There is a lamp on the stool.
A radio is sitting on one chair.
A cat is sleeping in the box.

Mutiso has one big bed in the bedroom.
He has clothes in the cupboard.
His black shoes are under the bed.

10. Try to remember and write answers:

How many chairs are in the sitting room?
Where is the cup?
Where is the picture?
What is on one chair?
Where is the box?
Where are Mutiso’s black shoes?

New words

house round thatched window roof spike strong holes shelter build village sitting room should table chair stool wall box bedroom cupboard lamp shoes under when how why