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Lesson 13. Where do they Work

1. Read the sentences below:


Mrs. Kamau is a farmer.


Mr. Komu is a mason.



Mrs. Sura is a doctor.


Mr. Dinda is a teacher.

2. Fill in the blanks

Mrs. Kamau is a farmer. She works in her farm.
She plants many crops. Her farm is big.
Mr. Komu is ____. He builds houses in the village.
Mrs. Sura is a ____. She treats people.
She sees many sick people. She ____ is in the village.

3. Write four sentences about Mr. Dinda.

4. Write five sentences about your family

5. Read the following:

This is Elizabeth.
She makes things from wood.
She is a carpenter.

This is Martha.
She flies an aeroplane.
She is a pilot.

This is Otieno.
He mends shoes.
He is a cobbler.

This is Kazungu.
He drives a bus.
He is a driver.

This is Sura.
She treats sick people.
She is a doctor.

That is Mary.
She takes care of the sick.
She is a nurse.

6. Match the word with its description: The first one has been done for you.

flies an aeroplane


grows crops


makes things from wood


takes care of sick people


mends shoes


7. Read the story and then answer the questions that follow:

Dr. Sura wakes up at 6.00 a.m. She starts the day by taking a bath. She also makes tea. She drinks tea with bread. She goes to her clinic early, where the patients wait for her. She goes home late in the evening, at 6.00.

What time does Dr. Sura wake up?
She wakes up ______ ______ _____

Does she drink tea in the evening?
______ ____ her tea in the morning.

How long does she stay a the clinic? ____ ____.
She stays at the clinic ______ ______

What time does she go home.
She goes home ______ ______

Talk about the activities of a housewife.

8. New words

farmer mason doctor teacher plants carpenter driver sick wood nurse clinic cobbler housewife aeroplane fly mend patients