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Lesson 4. My Family

1. Discuss

Which are the members of your family? How are they related.

2. Read with your partner about Mutiso.


My name is Mutiso.

This is my family.

This is my wife, Kanini.

This is our son, Katwei.

And this is our daughter, Kamene.



My name is Kanini.

Mutiso is my husband.

These are our children.

We have four children.

We have two sons and two daughters.



My name is Katwei.

I am seventeen years old.

This is my sister, Kamene.

I have one brother and two sisters.

My brother is twelve years old.



My name is Kamene.

I am fifteen years old.

This is my brother, Katwei.

I have one sister and two brothers.

My sister is ten years old.


Kamene: My brothers and sisters are playing.

Boy and girl

7. Practice reading the story below.

This is Oloo.
Oloo has five sons and one daughter.


Here are Chepkurui and her friend Cheptoo.
That is Chepkurui’s grandmother.


Good afternoon, grandmother.
How are you?

I am well, thank you.
And how are you, Chepkurui?


I am very well, too.
This is my friend, Cheptoo.

How are you, Cheptoo?

I am fine, thank you.

Welcome home.


Thank you, grandmother.
Chepkurui and I are friends.

Goodbye, grandmother.
I must go now. See you again.

This is my family, my wife, my son and my daughter.

8. Read the sentences:

This is my family.
These are our children.
We have four children.
We have two sons and two daughters.
I have one brother.
I have one sister.

9. Choose the correct words to fill the gaps below:








1. Mutiso is _ _ _ children.
2. Mutiso has a _ _ _ called Kanini.
3. Kanini has a _ _ _ called Mutiso.
4. Mutiso and Kanini have two _ _ _ _ _ _.
5. Katwei has _ _ _ sisters.
6. Kamene has one _ _ _ and two _ _ _.