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Lesson 7. Colours

1. Discuss:

How many colours can you see around you?
Name them:
Red, blue, black, white, brown, green, yellow.

2. What colours are:

The trees?
The door
Your hair

3. Read and learn the colours

Here are some cups.

One red cup

Six blue cups

Five black cups

One white cup

Here are some baskets.
These are two baskets
They are green.


This is my skirt.
It is red.


This is my shirt.
It is blue.


4. Read aloud and listen, then answer the questions that follow:

Here are three green bananas.


And there are also five yellow bananas.

The yellow bananas are ready for eating.


This is a black and white cow.


The cows milk is white.

The white milk is good for drinking.

Here is a blue door.


The door has a red handle.

The door is closed.

There are six brown stools.
One stool has four legs.
The legs are yellow.


Here is a green hat.


The hat is a black ribbon.

What colour are the three bananas?
Which bananas are ready for eating?
Milk is _ _ _ _ in colour.
The door is _ _ _ _.
The colour of the legs of the stools is _ _ _ _.

5. Practice reading the passage above.

6. Discuss with your partner the colours of the rainbow.

Write down the colours.
What two colours making green band?
What two colours make orange band?
What two colours make the violet band?

7. Look around you and answer the following questions:

What colour is your book?
What colour is your shirt/skirt?
What colour is your door?
What colour is your hair?
What colour do you like?

New words

red blue black brown green yellow hair baskets shirt skirt milk drinking handle closed stools legs ribbon ready eating colour rainbow orange violet