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close this bookPublic Health Action in Emergencies Caused by Epidemics (WHO - OMS, 1986, 285 p.)
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View the document1. Introduction
Open this folder and view contents2. Explanation of terms and general lines of action
Open this folder and view contents3. Organization of an emergency health service
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View the documentANNEX 1 - Explanation of epidemiological terms1
View the documentANNEX 2 - Procedures for assembling epidemiological data and formulating and testing hypotheses of causation
View the documentANNEX 3 - Diseases that may cause epidemics1
View the documentANNEX 4 - Standard precautions, isolation and medical evacuation for diseases with person-to-person transmission
View the documentANNEX 5 - Collection and shipment of laboratory specimens
View the documentANNEX 6 - Identification of arthropod and rodent vectors of communicable diseases and use of insecticides and rodenticides
View the documentANNEX 7 - Decontamination procedures
View the documentANNEX 8 - Informal Consultation on Strategies for the Control of Emergencies Caused by Epidemics of Communicable Disease, 9-13 November 1981
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