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Are you a Greenstone user? Looking for documentation to help you build better collections?? This is the place for you!

(Greenstone is produced by the New Zealand Digital Library Project at the University of Waikato, and developed and distributed in cooperation with UNESCO and the Human Info NGO. To learn more about it, visit or read the Greenstone Fact Sheet)

This documentation was prepared by the Greenstone team at the University of Waikato in New Zealand. If you're a Greenstone user, you can help us with the documentation project. Here's how


Greenstone FAQ

The FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) pages consist of a set of commonly asked questions and their answers. These cover issues such as installing, building collections, formatting etc. Part of the FAQ is user contributed, and registered users may add new entries there.

General Documentation

General documentation about Greenstone, for users and developers. A work in progress.


Information about our new version of Greenstone.

Tutorial exercises

Tutorial exercises will teach you about many aspects of Greenstone, from installation to format statements; from writing a collection to CD-ROM to serving it on OAI, exporting it as METS, or converting it to and from DSpace; from harvesting Web documents to harvesting metadata over OAI. It will also take you through the detailed steps of building collections of html, word, pdf, images, mp3, marc records, and many more, including OCR'd newspaper images. Download the tutorial text and most of the sample files needed for the exercises.

Example Collections

Example Collections contains 11 documented example collections whose "about" page describes how they are constructed. They are fully documented in English, French, Spanish and Russian, and are an excellent resource for learning how to build common types of collections. Also, by choosing in the GLI to base a new collection on one of these collections you can inherit the style and formatting of the collection without having to recreate it.


Seven Greenstone manuals are available in PDF format for download. There are official UNESCO versions in English, French, Spanish and Russian. There are also versions in Kazakh (thanks to UNESCO Almaty) and Vietnamese (thanks to Integrated e-Solutions Ltd., Saigon).

Greenstone workshops

Greenstone workshops focus on installing Greenstone and building collections with the Librarian Interface. Includes:

  • Introduction to the workshop (.html or .pdf)
  • Presentations (.pdf)
  • Lab instructions (.pdf)
  • Lab screenshots (.pdf)
  • Test files for several collections (including Word, PDF, HTML, JPG and GIF files)

Please feel free to use these materials for learning -- or teaching! -- about Greenstone.


Greenstone Development

Other links for Greenstone users