Re: UnknownPlug Errors..

From Dana
DateFri, 08 Feb 2002 14:36:12 +1300
Subject Re: UnknownPlug Errors..
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Jared Potter wrote:

> It hates me.

No... it's just testing your mettle.

> ///////////////////////////////////////
> from my collect.cfg
> //////////////////////////////////////
> plugin UnknownPlug -process_exp "*.eps" -assoc_field "epsses"
> plugin RecPlug -use_metadata_files

I think what all those helpful error messages are trying to say is that
UnkownPlug doesn't like *.eps as a process_exp - this process exp is supposed
to br written perl-style, and * and . are both special characters in Perl
regexps. Try using -process-exp ".eps" instead.

Dana Mckay