Re: Building using -create_images gives error

From Gordon Paynter
DateFri, 22 Feb 2002 11:21:08 -0800
Subject Re: Building using -create_images gives error
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On Friday 22 February 2002 10:36, Jared Potter wrote:
> Hello, when I execute the command:
> -create_images agency
> I get this error:
> protocol error (1) at /usr/lib/perl5/site_perl/i386-linux/Gimp/
> line 66.
> protocol error (1) at /usr/lib/perl5/site_perl/i386-linux/Gimp/
> line 66.
> Does anyone know what this is about? I have installed the Gimp perl
> modules.

I haven't used the -create_images flag, but I suspect the problem is
that the Greenstone scripts use Gimp 1.0 (or maybe 1.1) and you have
installed gimp version 1.2.

If you look in the $GSDLHOME/bin/script/gimp directory you'll find the
scripts that are utlimately called to create images. Can you run
these from the command-line? There may be gimp version 1.2 versions
in there also (I have some improved Gimp 1.2 scripts somewhere if
these don't work).