Kupu Whakataki


Te Matariki 1881

The Pleiades

Kōrero Tā    He Whakamārama    Kaupapa    Nohoanga

Kōrero Tā

Published: Auckland, April 23, 1881 - May 14, 1881 ?

290 x 230mm., 3 to 4 pages, 3 columns, all Maori, appears to be issued monthly, no illustrations, contains 2 and a half pages of advertisements. As it is a supplement to the Auckland Free Lance it was probably included in the cost of the main newspaper. The imprint reads, "Printed by J. D. Wickham, 'Auckland Free Lance' Office, Auckland. - Saturday, April 23, 1881" and then in the next issue, "Printed by John Dickson Wickham, of Vulcan Lane in the City of Auckland, for the Proprietors and Publishers, John Dick and Wiremu Mahuika, of Gisborne, in the Provincial District of Auckland - Saturday 14th May, 1881".

At this time it was common for the proprietors and publishers named in the imprint to also be the editors. It is therefore likely that John Dick and Wiremu Mahuika (Ngati Porou) were the editors of Te Matariki.

For further physical details refer to Herbert W. Williams, A Bibliography of Printed Maori to 1900, Item 617.

This newspaper is written in Maori.

He Whakamārama

This newspaper is concerned with land issues in the Gisborne district. The editor advocates retaining land against sale: E rite ana ki tetahi pukapuka e korero ana e koutou, i pena taku mohiotanga ki te korero kia koutou i nga whakaaro a nga kaiwhakamate i o koutou whenua (Te Matariki April 23, 1881: 1) [It will be like a book which you publish, and in that way I will know to report to you the intentions of the destroyers of your lands].

I roto i nga tau kua pahure ake nei ka nui nga mate mo nga whenua i kitea ai (ibid.) [In the years just passed many troubles concerning land have been discovered].

Kaore he aroha o te tangata ke kia koutou. Kua hoatu e te Kawanatanga he Karauna Karaati ki koutou, mo o koutou whenua.... Puritia nga wahi hei oranga mo koutou....Haere atu ana te whenua, haere mai ana te moni (ibid.) [There is no love of the other people (the Pakeha) for you. The Government has given you a Crown Grant for your land....Retain places for your sustenance in the future....As the money comes in, the land goes away].


The subjects reported include:

  • disputes concerning land, particularly with the Crown
  • an explanation of the new law for land trustees
  • advertisements notifying mortgage foreclosement on thousands of acres of land on the East Coast
  • a short story for children.


This newspaper is on microfilm and microfiche. Original copies are held at:

Alexander Turnbull Library, Wellington:

1881April 23 and May 14

Auckland Public Library:

1881May 14