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View the document Knowledge Growth in an Artificial Animal - S. W. Wilson - July 1985
View the document SIA: A Supervised Inductive Algorithm with Genetic Search for Learning Attributes based Concepts - Gilles Venturini - 1993
View the document Genetic Algorithms in Search, Optimization, and Machine Learning - D. E. Goldberg - 1989
View the document Regular grammatical inferencefrom positive and negative samples by genetic search: The GIG method - P. Dupon - 1994
View the document Genetic algorithms and machine learning - J. Grefenstette - 1993
View the document Genetic fitness optimization using rapidly mixing Markov chains - Paul Vitányi - 1996
View the document Credit Assignment in Rule Discovery Systems Based on Genetic Algorithms - John J. Grefenstette - 1988
View the document Genetic AI-Translating Piaget into Lisp - G. L. Drescher - February 1986
View the document A stochastic approach to genetic information processing - Akihiko Konagaya - 1993
View the document Mining TCP/IP Traffic for Network Intrusion Detection by Using a Distributed Genetic Algorithm - Filippo Neri - 2000
View the document Genetic Reinforcement Learning for Neurocontrol Problems - D. Whitley, S. Dominic, R. Das and C. W. Anderson - 1993
View the document Genetic Algorithms for Protein Tertiary Structure Prediction - Steffen Schulze-Kreme - 1993
View the document The logic of molecular geneticists for the understanding of genetic information - Y. Sakaki - 1992
View the document Hill climbing beats genetic search on a Boolean circuit problem of Koza's - Kevin J. Lang - 1995
View the document Suggestions for Genetic A.I. - G. L. Drescher - February 1980
View the document Feature Selection vs Theory Reformulation: A Study of Genetic Refinement of Knowledge-based Neural Networks - Brendan Davis Burns and Andrea Pohoreckyj-Danyluk - 2000
View the document Dynamic Parameter Encoding for Genetic Algorithms - Nicol N. Schraudolph and Richard K. Belew - 1992
View the document Genetic Algorithms and Machine Learning - D. E. Goldberg and J. H. Holland - 1988
View the document A Knowledge-Intensive Genetic Algorithm for Supervised Learning - Cezary Z. Janikow - 1993
View the document Genetic Algorithms in Noisy Environments - J. Michael Fitzpatrick and John J. Grefenstette - 1988
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